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AlgaeCytes is a UK company based at Discovery Park, Kent, focused on developing, sourcing and deploying technology-based solutions to meet the growing demand for health-promoting ingredients from algae.  AlgaeCytes uses its patented technology primarily to create, from sustainable proprietary algae sources, and sell high value vegetarian, premium ingredients/products to the healthcare, personal care and pharmaceutical product markets.

Omega oils are beneficial for, and deemed essential to, human health.  Humans must derive Omega oils from other food sources for the components needed by the body in  usable form.  World food agencies are now considering establishing Recommended Daily Intakes for Omega 3.

There are several sources of Omega-3 oil.  Traditional sources threaten our global fish stocks and are fast becoming recognised as unsustainable.  AlgaeCytes' process creates socially responsible value by not relying on unsustainable marine-animal sources.  Our healthy and sustainable practices contribute to the maintenance of healthy wild ocean populations critical to the well-being and stability of the entire food chain.  AlgaeCytes produces Omega 3 oils, EPA, traceable sports protein and other valuable products from algae not from rapidly-depleting fish stocks, and meets demand for a taste and smell neutral products.

Omega 3 oils, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and/or Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are present in the oils derived from wild-catch deep-sea fish, other marine animals and algae. Fish acquire their EPA/DHA Omega-3s from consuming algae or other animals that eat algae. EPA/DHA Omega-3's are not present in vegetable oils including flax seed oil.

AlgaeCytes has an experienced team of scientists, engineers and commercial managers from a broad range of businesses.

AlgaeCytes is focusing upon the following market categories:

Nutritional Therapeutics:  Omega 3 oil EPA for cardiovascular disease, neuro-health and cognitive function and algal protein for sport health aiding muscle recovery for athletes and for muscle care for the elderly.

Skin Care:  Anti-aging products using Omega 3 oil EPA & co-formulation with pre & pro biotics or other bioactives for skin care and anti-inflammatory oral and other indications.

Healthcare:  Related ingredients, opportunities for ingredients from algae for use by third parties in new antimicrobial, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory applications.  AlgaeCytes has identified an algal species that can produce high exopolysaccharides that may prove effective in a number of areas including aspects of respiratory disease.

Algal Omega-3 oil remains the only vegetarian source of EPA/DHA. 

AlgaeCytes specialises in Algal strains that only produce EPA.



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