Nutritional Therapeutics

According to the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega 3s, the 3 largest consumer markets for Omega 3 oils EPA/DHA sourced from fish, krill and algae currently are:

  • Infant formula – 40%
  • Fortified food and beverages – 31%
  • Healthcare and nutritional therapeutics including skin care – 27% (this is the sector with the highest market growth rates)

GOED reports that in the United States and EU Omega 3 healthcare and nutritional therapeutics remain very popular. Baby Boomers are the heaviest users but younger consumers are being educated about the health benefits of Omega 3 oils via marketing of food and drinks fortified with Omega 3 oils.

A subset of the nutritional therapeutic products upon which AlgaeCytes is focused include algae-derived proteins for applications in sports health, aiding muscle recovery for athletes through the anti-inflammatory properties of those proteins., and muscle care for the elderly.

When athletes train or compete the body naturally addresses the resulting strain with a process which results in inflammation and other adverse effects. AlgaeCytes products are intended to take advantage of natural anti-inflammatory effects of its products in order to aid muscle recovery. A key advantage of AlgaeCytes’ algal proteins is that the proteins are completely traceable.

A separate product focus is upon muscle care for the elderly population who deal with age-related changes and mechanisms involving their muscle tissues.

Humans have type 1 (“slow twitch”) and type II (“fast twitch”) muscle fibres. Type I fibres, with high fatigue resistance, are for activities involving repeated low-level contractions, such as walking or low intensity cycling, or postural muscles of the neck and spine. Type II fibres are of two varieties:  type IIa for medium -high force production with medium resistance to fatigue, such as moderate weight training and fast running; and type IIb for very high force production with low resistance to fatigue and short, fast bursts of power or speed.

Sarcopenia is associated with muscle tissue changes such as a decrease in the number and atrophy of type II skeletal fibres and consequent inflammation and pain. AlgaeCytes products are intended to utilise the natural anti-inflammatory effects of its products for muscle care for the elderly.


Other Products


Omega 3 oils EPA/DHA are recognised, based upon a large quantity of scientific evidence, as vital functional ingredients delivering significant health benefits, and ‘essential’ in the diet for the maintenance of development and maintenance of good health. Further, as a Harvard School of Public Health study concluded, Omega 3 oils EPA/DHA deficiencies can be devastating in their consequences.


There is an increasing demand from personal care/cosmetic companies and consumers for algal derived functional ingredients.  Internal and external skin care products with biologically active ingredients with functional health benefits are increasingly formulated to include Omega 3 oils EPA/DHA.

Omega 3 Algal Oil

A vegetarian Omega 3 ingredient from freshwater algae for the personal care, nutritional therapeutics and pharmaceutical markets.

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