About the project.

AlgaeCytes Germany GmbH was set up in 2021 as an SPV to develop, construct, commission and operate AlgaeCytes’ first fully commercial facility.

The 2,000,000 litres plant will be the world’s largest photobioreactor plant for the production of algae. AlgaeCytes Germany expects to produce at least 50MT per annum of EPA oils and at least 300MT per annum of algal biomass for agricultural bio-stimulants, as well as beta-carotene and other valuable products at the plant. The 100,000 sq meter site, which has been reserved for purchase from the City of Dessau, has room for the planned plant and for additional expansion. Construction is expected to commence in Q4 2021, with commissioning and operations by Q3 2022.

The site is planned for sustainable, energy efficient operations including renewable energy via rooftop and other solar, water recycling and other features.