Sustainable Technology

AlgaeCytes uses a photobioreactor system and freshwater algal strains to produce high purity Omega 3 oils EPA.  High quality protein and carbohydrates are also produced from the remaining algal biomass.

Using AlgaeCytes' patented technology, algae can be farmed in a continuous stream of nutrients-rich water independent of climate or weather.  Products are extracted  and processed.  Nutrients-depleted, clean water is recycled or discharged.

The AlgaeCytes' process has a sustainable competitive advantage because it can:

  • Achieve continuous production farming of algae indoors in regular commercial locations nearer skilled employees, transportation and markets rather than more remote areas.
  • Produce consistently high quality health-promoting ingredients
  • Adjust component yields to suit customers targeting specific needs / conditions unlike fish oils which are fixed ratios of EPA/DHA and other oils
  • Make high quality protein and carbohydrates from algal biomass from traceable sources



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